A POLICY FOR MEDICAL EMERGENCIES: When you’re being hospitalized, the last thing you would want to worry about is whether or not your income is disrupted while you’re being treated. Some medical insurance policies offer hospital allowance benefits to help with the loss of income, but what if you don’t have medical insurance or if you do? What if it’s not sufficient to replace your income? Here’s where hospital cash insurance can come to your rescue. A hospital cash insurance policy is a standalone, affordable coverage that helps to replace your income by providing a fixed sum of money for each of the days you are hospitalized. You can purchase the policy on its own or use it to supplement your existing medical insurance policy. The good thing about a hospital cash insurance policy is that you will get paid regardless of any other insurance you have.

This helps with your out-of-pocket expenses including your living and certain medical expenses which might not be covered under your medical insurance policy. While everyone who has the chance to fall ill and hospitalized can benefit from having a hospital cash insurance policy cover, it’s especially useful to those who do not have a fixed income, such as self-employed individuals, freelancers, Uber drivers, or anyone who earns their income on a daily basis. The pay-out from the hospital cash insurance policy can be used to pay off daily expenses such as:

  • Daily living costs such as groceries

  • Utility bills

  • Child’s day-care

  • Loan repayments (such as car and home loans)

  • Other financial commitments such as medical or life insurance premiums

It is essential for you to have a backup plan in the event you cannot provide for yourself and your family – no matter how short the setback may be. Hospital cash insurance is perfect to safeguard your finances both for you and your dependents.

  • Sickness Hospital Cash -Daily cash amount for each continuous and completed period of 24 hours if the insured is hospitalized due to any sickness.

  • Accident Hospital Cash- If an Insured Person suffers an Accident during the Policy Period that requires that Insured Person’s Hospitalization as an inpatient.

  • It would be necessary to get certified as an emergency by a medical practitioner.

  • Any illness diagnosed or diagnosable within 30 days of the commencement of the Cover Period.

  • Any stay in hospital for an injury due to an accident, without undertaking any treatment.

  • Any treatment has been taken outside India.

  • Treatment is taken from persons not registered.

  • Aesthetic treatment, cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery, unless needed due to an accident or as a treatment for an injury.

  • Hospitalization due to war or any act of war or due to a nuclear, chemical or biological weapon and radiation of any kind.

  • Expenses arising out of HIV or AIDS and related diseases etc.



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