Estate planning is the process of planning and streamlining your financial affairs to enable the smooth succession of your movable and immovable assets. Estate planning services offered by us ensure the management of your estate during and beyond your lifetime and assist in planning your legacy to be passed on to your children. We have tied up with experts in the field and a dedicated in-house team to help our valued clients form a structure to articulate and implement their vision for succession and continuity of the family wealth during their lifetime. Our experience of handling investment and related issues for over many decades for Generations gives us an edge to visualize the specific needs of each client’s family.

Our services entail drafting important documents like Wills, POA, Gift deeds, Deed of Transmission, Family Arrangements, Trust Deeds, etc. and we engage with our clients along with the experts to opt for the best-suited succession plan.

This is done by considering the following aspects:

  1. Family Structure

  2. Tax-efficient model for the legal heirs

  3. The Motive/ Requirement of the Family with the succession plan

  4. Nationality of Legal Heirs

  5. And other aspects which need to be factored in

This is done by considering the following aspects:

A proper business succession seeks to alleviate or lessen many issues by setting up a smooth transition between the family-owned business owner and the future owners of the business. The tax aspect of a proper succession plan tries to minimize estate taxes at the death of the family business owner.