SEBI – the regulatory authority governing stock markets in India has barred the transfer of physical shares in turn making them illiquid. Demat of physical share certificates is paramount to the sale or purchase of shares in India. A Demat account is like a bank account for your shares which contains shares in a digitized format reflecting the number of shares. Also, it offers the sale or purchase of shares in a click rather than preparing multiple documents and signing transfer deeds which are prone to misuse or getting lost.

Reasons are:

  1. The shares have not been dematerialized from physical shares.

  2. The correspondence address in the records of the Registrar or company is not updated and the dividend/ correspondence remains undelivered.

  3. Disputes in the family keep the shares and dividends unclaimed.

  4. Transmission of shares remains pending for a long time.

And many more reasons could keep the shares and dividend in Investor Education and Protection Fund which indeed needs hand-holding to bring in your Demat account. The recovery of the dividend and shares from IEPF is a process that has to be done by rules and regulations.


We help selectively in recovering the Shares and Dividends lying unclaimed due to the long passage of time while these were issued as physical certificates. Millions of stock market investors had put in their hard-earned money in shares in the last many decades and have either forgotten about such investments or they are lost. We provide comprehensive expertise through our outsourced experts in recovering such shares in digitized form in your Demat accounts from the Companies without the hassle of collating and safeguarding physical certificates. The process involves many efforts and has stricter rules for claiming such an amount. The situation of unclaimed shares and dividends could arise due to the following reasons;

However, the new guidelines make it mandatory to get the shares in Demat form, and for any reasons mentioned below the shares which could not get dematerialized;

Reasons are:

  1. The death of the owner of the shares and struck due to transmission.

  2. Shares are lost.

  3. Signatures are not matching with the records of the company.

And many other reasons, we can help you through our outsourced experts to help you get them into Demat form at the earliest.