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1. T AXABLE BONDS (SERIES XXI) WITH BENEFITS UNDER SECTION 54EC OF INCOME T AX ACT , 1961 April, 2020 to March, 2021 ADHAR NO. 54EC BONDS-SERIES XXI ROI : 5.75% p.a. T enure : 5 years

2. NA TIONAL HIGHW A YS AUTHORITY OF INDIA - 54EC CAPIT AL GAIN BONDS (Series-XXI) Highest Credit Rating i.e. CARE AAA/Stable by CARE Ltd., CRISIL AAA/Stable by CRISIL Ltd., IND AAA/Stable by India Rating & Research Pvt. Ltd. & [ICRA] AAA/Stable by ICRA Ltd. 1. Application Form must be filled in BLOCK LETTERS IN ENGLISH. A blank space must be left between two or more parts of the name. For Example. Signature should be made in English or Hindi. Signature made in any other Indian languages must be attested by an authorized of ficial of a Bank or by a Magistrate/Notary Public under his/her of ficial Seal. 2. The minimum investment shall be for 1 Bond. The application can be made for maximum of 500 Bonds. However , provision inserted under sub-section (1) of section 54EC by the Finance (No. 2) Act, 2014, (w .e.f.1-4-2015) reads as under . "Provided further that the investment made by an assessee in the long-term specified asset, from capital gains arising from transfer of one or more original assets, during the financial year in which the original asset or assets are transferred and in the subsequent financial year does not exceed fifty lakh rupees”. As a result of the amendment in the Union Budget 2018, the tenure of the Bonds has been increased to 5 years in place of three years and long term capital gains arising from land or building or both shall only qualify to be invested in these bonds after April 1, 2018. 3. When the application is submitted, it will be presumed that subscriber has given the information which is true and fair to the best of his/her knowledge. The application must be signed and verified by guardian in case the applicant is minor , by partner in case of Partnership firm, by karta in case of HUF , by a trustee in case of trust and by himself or by a person duly authorized by the subscriber in case of individual. 4. The application should be submitted during banking hours at any of the Bank branches mentioned in the Memorandum of Private Placement. Outstation Demand Draft should be made payable at any designated collection centers mentioned in the Information Memorandum. Bank charges for such applications will be borne by the applicant. NHAI assumes no responsibility for any applications/ cheques/ demand drafts lost in mail or late/short credit of Application Money . 5. Application once submitted cannot be withdrawn. 6. Forms must be accompanied by either a cheque or a demand draft, drawn in favour of "National Highways Authority of India" and crossed "Account Payee Only". Cheques I DDs must be drawn on any bank Including a Co-operative Bank, which is member or a sub member of the Bankers' Clearing house, located at the place. where the Application Form is submitted and payable at the collecting centers. Money Can also be deposited through RTGS, Bank details for which are available on our http://www .nhai.gov .in/bonds.htm 7. Cash, Stock-invest, Money Orders or Postal Orders will NOT be accepted. 8. The P AN no. should be mentioned in the Application Form. A self certified copy of P AN card, Adhar card and certified copy of address proof of 1st Applicant and one cancelled Cheque should be submitted alongwith application form. 9. As per prevailing rules, TDS on the interest payable to 'Resident' Indian will not be deducted. However , TDS will be deducted as per DT AA from interest payable to NRI investors. The Name of the country must be mentioned in the box appearing against the status of NRI overleaf. 10. Receipt of applications will be acknowledged by stamping the "Acknowledgment Slip" appearing below the Application Form by the banker . No separate receipt will be issued. 1 1. In case of application under the power of attorney or by Limited Companies or other corporate bodies, a certified copy of the Power of Attorney or a copy of the approval of the relevant Authority , as the case may be, should be submitted alongwith the Application Form. 12. The applications would be scrutinized and accepted as per the provisions of the T erms and Conditions (Instruction) of the Private placement forming part of the Memorandum of Private. NHAI is entitled, as its sole and absolute discretion, to accept or reject any application, in part or in full, without assigning any reason. An application form that is not complete in all respects is liable to be rejected. 13. It is advisable that investors keep a photocopy of the submitted application form. 14. The application forms will not be accepted after banking hours. 15. The Application Forms can be deposited in any of the branches of Union Bank of India & HDFC Bank and designated branches of Axis Bank, Canara Bank, ICICI Bank & IDBI Bank . 16. The investors may check their details on the website of the R T A (Beetal Financial & Computer Services (P) Ltd.) at http://beetalfinancial.in/beetalfinancial/nhainew.aspx . However for unresolved grievance Registrar and NHAI Bonds Division may be contacted : 1479


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