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60K Level it’s almost a dream come true, a year back no one could have imagined a V shape recovery after the crash happened due to eruption of Covid19 pandemic. The markets had a steep run, of course with some healthy correction, seems unabated by any negative factors. Though the valuations are stretched and the benchmarks that indicate market as expensive have also crossed. The China crisis looks grave as Communist Party has kept affairs of the country so opaque that it is difficult to gauge the magnitude of turmoil. The fear is visible in the global markets as factors like rise in crude prices and US Bond yields other than China factor are showings signs of correction in the markets all over the world. However, it is difficult to predict whether we are going to witness a correction or crash from current levels, though, later situation isn’t looking possible. This could be possible as the recovery in economy is poised to give big numbers post Covid19, revival of ailing sectors like Hospitality, aviation and others, healthy macro numbers, high liquidity and many other such factors could bring halt to any minor crash. Thus, it is important to keep your participation in equity intact as it is the only asset class which has emerged as the biggest winner in last decade and it is a proven fact that financial assets help in building wealth faster with liquidity by your side. Our experience tells us that investors get dissuaded with volatility or accumulated profits and disrupts the process of wealth accumulation.

Our investment section covers a topic which is very relevant for all the SIP investors both new and old as they are seeing accumulation and allurements that are difficult to resist. Mutual Funds industry saw a surge of 25 lakh new registration and around Rs.10000 cr of contribution through SIP in August which is all time high as per the latest AMFI data. Therefore, it is very important for all the investors to understand the way the SIP investment should be managed. Your each SIP should be linked to your financial goal as one shouldn’t mess up by experimenting with any new technique to enhance returns or get lured to fulfil some fancy desire. It is a simple and easy way to accumulate your wealth where you do not worry about returns as accumulation would chase your goals on its own and subsequently it would transform into returns. You certainly need an advisor to help you to not commit any sin to disrupt you journey of reaching destination you have targeted.

Our Insurance section is touching another important aspect of Health Insurance which has been not part of the portfolio for many directly. Critical insurance cover has been taken through life insurance policy as a rider with an insignificant sum assured or many aren’t aware of benefits of the policy. We strongly recommend having such a policy which can take care of expenses beyond hospitalisation. These expenses in case of any critical ailment could be higher than actual hospitalisation. A lumps sum amount is being paid on diagnose of any listed disease so as best of the facility is made available for the patient to recover fast. Ailments like Cancer, Heart, Kidney failure and many such diseases are covered at a reasonable pricing. It could be a great solution for those who have a small sum assured and still want to have a sizable cover for any big disease to avoid erosion of savings of the family..

SIP- 3 SINs Shouldn’t be committed

SIP an investment tool has been adapted by many investors with the expectation of achieving higher returns. However, many are yet to understand the 3 Ps- Purpose, plan and patience required to generate wealth and they commit 3 Sins which could have despairing results. Read further to understand remedy to avoid committing blunders in creating wealth for you.

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Critical Insurance- A must addition to your mediclaim policy.

Critical ailments eat away your life savings if one isn’t insured with the right coverage. It is advisable to take an additional insurance over and above your basic health policy to manage the expenses which can run in crores. It would be wise to be insured appropriately than feel sorry should your family face such an eventuality.

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Market Snapshot

Index Name 30-September-21 31-August-21 % Chng.
NIFTY 50 17,132.20 17,618.15 2.84%
SENSEX 57,552.39 59,126.36 2.73%
BSE 100 17,375.21 17,880.57 2.91%
NIFTY 500 14,555.90 15,052.65 3.41%
BSE 500 23,174.23 23,937.54 3.29%
Nifty Midcap 100 28,417.25 30,384.00 6.92%
BSE Midcap 23,853.43 25,253.09 5.87%
BSE SmallCap 26,919.94 28,081.74 4.32%
Nifty Next 50 41,585.45 42,383.85 1.92%
Nifty Smallcap 100 10,263.00 10,890.00 6.11%
Nifty Bank 36,424.60 37,425.10 2.75%
Nifty Auto 10,034.45 10,598.45 5.62%
Nifty FMCG 39,529.70 40,426.55 2.27%
Nifty Pharma 14,344.75 14,466.50 0.85%
10 Yr G Sec Bond Yield 6.22 6.22 0.13%
USD-INR 72.95 74.28 1.82%
Source: NSE, BSE,
Disclaimer:  Data has been collected on best effort basis. SIL will not be responsible for any discrepancy/error in information.

NFO / NCD Updates

Scheme Name Issue Opens On Issue Closes On
ICICI Prudential Nasdaq 100 Index Fund
(An open-ended index fund replicating the NASDAQ 100 INDEX)
Sep 27, 2021 Oct 11, 2021

Fixed Deposit Interest Rates

Name of the Company Investment Period (Months) ROI (%) p.a. (Normal) ROI (%) p.a. (Sr.Ctzn.)
Bajaj Finance Limited 12 - 60 6.50% 6.75%
HDFC Limited - Regular Deposits 12 - 120 6.55% 6.80%
ICICI Home Finance Limited 12 - 120 6.65% 6.90%
LIC Housing Finance Limited 12 - 60 5.75% 6.00%
Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Serv. Limited 12 - 60 6.45% 6.70%
PNB  Housing Finance Limited-Regular Deposit  12 - 120 6.70% 6.95%
Shriram Transport Fin. Co. Ltd. - Unnati Deposits 12 - 60 7.75% 8.05%
Sundaram Home Finance Limited 12 - 60 5.80% 6.30%
Disclaimer: Interest rates are subject to change. Please confirm the rates before investing.
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