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A POLICY FOR MEDICAL EMERGENCIES: India has seen an alarming increase in the occurrence of diseases like dengue, chikungunya and malaria among others. An affliction of any of these ailments requires extensive tests and subsequent treatment, whether taken at home or in a hospital. Needless to say, such tests and treatments entail expenses and having a health insurance plan to meet the corresponding expenses thus becomes imperative. Health insurance companies are aware of how grave such ailments can be. That is why they have started offering specialized plans which take care of specific ailments. Thus, Insurance Companies have introduced plans in the markets that have been specifically designed for patients suffering from special ailments which are regular in nature like dengue. The advantage of taking such policies is that not only they are reasonably priced but also helps you to save the cumulative bonus of your main policy should someone is diagnosed with such disease.


  • In-Patient Hospitalization : Treatment arising from Dengue fever where Insured Person has to stay in a Hospital for more than 24 hours. 

  • Pre-Hospitalization : The medical expenses incurred due to illness during 15 days immediately before hospitalization. 

  • Post-Hospitalization : The medical expenses you incur in the 15 days immediately after you are discharged from hospital.


The following benefits are available to all Insured Persons during the Policy Period if NS1  (nonstructural protein 1) is positive in result. Any claims made under these benefits will be subject to Out-patient Sum Insured.

  • Outpatient Consultations : Outpatient consultation by a general Medical Practitioner for treatment of Dengue fever.

  • Diagnostic Tests : Outpatient diagnostic tests for Dengue fever taken by the Insured Person from a diagnostic centre

  • Pharmacy : Medicines purchased by the Insured Person from a pharmacy, provided that such medicines have been prescribed for treatment of Dengue Fever.

  • Home Nursing : We will also reimburse the Medical Expenses for necessary medical treatment taken by the Insured Person by our empaneled medical practitioner


  • Any Treatment other than for Dengue fever

  • Vitamins and tonics unless certified to be required by the attending Medical Practitioner as a direct consequence of an otherwise covered claim

  • Specified healthcare providers (Hospitals /Medical Practitioners)

  • Treatment rendered by a Medical Practitioner which is outside his discipline or the discipline for which he is licensed

  • Any treatment or part of a treatment that is not of a reasonable charge not Medically Necessary drugs or treatments which are not supported by a prescription

  • Charges related to a Hospital stay not expressly mentioned as being covered, including but not limited to charges for admission, discharge, administration, registration, documentation and filing


  • This policy covers persons in the age group 91 days to 65 years. The maximum entry is restricted up to 65 years. The minimum entry age for Adult is 18 years and maximum is 65 years. The minimum entry age for child is 91 days and the maximum is 25 years

  • No maximum cover ceasing age

  • An individual and/or his family members namely spouse, dependent children and parent are eligible for buying thus covers

  • This cover will be offered on individually Sum insured basis only.

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