AAA Rated by ICRA and ICRA
Interest Rates applicable for deposit upto Rs. 2 crores only
  Cumulative Non-Cumulative
Tenure (Months) Rate of Interest Cumulative Yield Monthly Quarterly Half Yearly Yearly
12-23 5.85% 5.85% 5.65% 5.70% 5.75% 5.85%
24-35 6.35% 6.55% 6.15% 6.20% 6.25% 6.35%
36-59 6.60% 7.05% 6.40% 6.45% 6.50% 6.60%
60-83 6.80% 7.79% 6.60% 6.65% 6.70% 6.80%
84-120 6.90% 8.50% 6.70% 6.75% 6.80% 6.90%

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Attractive and assured returns

  • Highest safety - AAA rating from both CRISIL and ICRA for 25 consecutive years

  • Additional ROI of 0.05% p.a. will be applicable on Individual deposits placed/renewed through Online System and auto-renewed deposits

  • Flexible Tenures

  • Interest payment frequency: Monthly, Quarterly, Half-yearly, Annual & Cumulative

  • Quick Loan against Deposit facility

  • Premature Encashment Available


  • 0.25% additional interest for Senior Citizen Deposits up to 2 Crore only, and an Additional ROI of 0.05% p.a. will be applicable on Individual deposits placed/renewed through the Online system and auto-renewed deposits.

Revised Rates

 w.e.f. 15-06-2022 


Who Can Invest

  • Resident Indian Citizens

  • NRI / PIO (Only through NRO A/c) (Max.3yrs)

  • Charitable Trusts, Religious Trusts, Educational Institutions, Association of Persons, Co-operative Societies, Partnership Firms

Mode of Deposit NEFT/RTGS Cheque
Beneficiary Name HDFC LTD 
payable to "HDFC Ltd."
Bank Account Number 00600350003778 
A/c 00600350003778 
Bank Name HDFC Bank Ltd marked "Account Payee only"
IFSC HDFC0000060 
Bank branch Fort Branch 


Premature withdrawal will not be allowed before the completion of 3 months from the date of deposit. In case of a request for premature withdrawal after the expiry of three months, the rates given in the following table shall apply.

  • After 3 months but before 6 months - The maximum interest payable shall be 4% per annum for the individual depositor, and no interest in case of other categories of depositors

  • After 6 months but before the date of maturity - The interest payable shall be 1% lower than the interest rate applicable to a public deposit for the period for which the deposit has run or if no rate has been specified for that period, then 2% lower than the minimum rate at which the public deposits are accepted by HDFC.

  • For premature withdrawals of deposits, the duly discharged FDR with a revenue stamp of requisite value must be surrendered to the company. Premature withdrawals of single or jointly held fixed deposits shall be processed only after such a request is signed by all the depositors along with FDR duly discharged and a canceled cheque leaf should be submitted.

  • In the event of the death of a depositor, the Company may repay the Deposit prematurely (irrespective of the lock-in period) to the surviving depositor (which in the case of joint holders will be the first in the sequence of applicants in the Application) or to the nominee/ legal heir(s) of the deceased depositor, upon the request of surviving depositor/s/nominee/legal heir, as the case may be, and only subject to the submission of proof of death and other requisite documents to the satisfaction of the Company.

About Company

Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited is an Indian financial services company based in Mumbai, India. It is a major housing finance provider in India. It also has a presence in banking, life and general insurance, asset management, venture capital, realty, education, deposits, and education loans. For over three and a half decades, HDFC has delivered a consistent performance with its Fixed Deposits.

Company Financials
Financial Year
Ended nonprofit
Profit Before Tax
(Rs. in crore)
Profit After Tax
(Rs. in crore)
(Rs. per share)
31/03/2020 20,350.92 17,769.65 21.00
31/03/2019 13,118.77 9,632.46 21.00
31/03/2018 13,189,64 10,959.34 20.00

Disclaimer:  Interest rates are subject to change. Please confirm the rates before investing.

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